One deed for the planet

Our traditional houses are built on stilt, in natural materials, on the foothills of Kep. They remain cool in all seasons and do not need to be air-conditioned.

There are several arguments in favour of the use of wood :

  1. Wood is fifteen times more insulating than concrete.
  2. Contrary to preconceived ideas, wood offers a good resistance to fire. In the event of a fire, a steel structure will bend, a brick structure will fail but a structure made of wood will stand up. These natural attributes, coupled with the gradual release of toxic gases during a fire, make wood a safe material (National Committee for the Development of Wood). Insurance companies apply no additional premium to cover a wooden building in the event of fire.
  3. In addition to the reasonable price, wood offers other advantages, it naturally controls air moisture inside the home, which creates a healthier habitat and benefits those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Today, many buildings, schools and architect houses are made of wood. Even Serge Dassault has one.

For a certain number of people, especially those living in hot cities, having no air-conditioning means :

  1. lack of comfort.
  2. warm home.
  3. low standard of living.

In fact, air-conditioning only neutralizes thermal concentration created by brick buildings.

The eco friendly swimming pool is the result of German and French expertise and one of the first of its kind in Cambodia. The pool is 0,70 to 2 meters deep, 4,5 meters wide and 12 meters long, excluding the ponds. Our eco friendly swimming pool is equipped with the biological capacity to purify water through an ecosystem and appropriate recycling of the water. A pump circulates the water from the pool to a pond dotted with plants overlooking the pool. During its journey through the pond, the water benefits from the presence of bacteria that converts organic minerals. Swimming pool for family with one pool for youngers of 0,40 m deep. Water regularly analysed by Pasteur institute in Phnom Penh.
We offer a wide range of accommodation for all budgets. 
Come to discover the Le Bout Du Monde's garden and the cambodian flora. 
Volunteers are welcome to our village school: French courses / English, foundation for a manual job. 

We have undertaken an audit of the hotel's carbon emissions by GERES Cambodia between April 2012 and April 2013, looking to reduce its Greenhouse gas emissions. With 4,8 kg Co2 equivalent per night for one guest, Le Bout du Monde is considered as a Low Carbon Establishment

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