Khmer and French inspired cuisine / Bar / Boutique / Library :

 Restaurant open all day - Dinner on reservation

Our menu is composed of French gastronomy and Cambodian cuisine. The Khmer cuisine, less well known than the Vietnamese, Thai or Chinese, deserves your attention. Our Chef recommends that you try dishes Lok-Lak and Amok. We also offer a wide range of meals for our vegetarian customers. For those who want a cheap and fast meal we also offer traditionnal french brittany crêpe (sweet or savory).


We use exclusively fresh products from the garden and from the local market, such as fish, shellfish, salads, vegetables... The location of the hotel on top of the hill means that you can enjoy the sunset and panoramic views over the Gulf of Siam, from the restaurant or from your bungalow (room service provided at no extra cost). We can also organize birthday or group meals.

Stroll around our garden to discover many plants, photograph butterflies, birds and squirrels and sometimes fruit-eating monkeys. For lovers of culture, many educational panels on plants, history and Khmer mythology.

In our boutique, we have a large range of jewels and sculptures.

In our library, we have books about Khmer history or cooking. We also have books for children.

Our library is useful for knowledge of Cambodia. Unfortunately dishonest people rob us of the best sellers books despite our vigilance.

We do not want to lock everything and ask our customers to consult the books on site.


Of course, if these behaviors persist, we will be obliged to do it... reluctantly.