Presentation (Le Bout du Monde - Khmer Lodge : Often imitated, never equaled, require the original)

Le Bout du Monde means "End of the land" in English, not "End of the world" :)

We are the first hotel restaurant ecolodge to open in Kep since the revival of Cambodia, following the Paris agreements. Our vision is to improve the existing area to welcome visitors and tourists, and to help generate equitable and ecological tourism in Cambodia and to boost local employment. 
The staff, from Kep and its region, will give you a warm and friendly welcome. Young Cambodian staff are trained on site and are taught English and French. All our constructions have been renovated recently including the restaurant and bungalows. The construction of houses was inspired by traditional Khmer architecture, in wood, stone and thatched and tiled rooves. We have increased the comfort of each house through this stylish and sustainable design.

Location and accommodation

We offer little villas and residences in traditional khmer architecture – individual wooden constructions on stilts made of wood and stones ( Original creations mixing both tradition and modernity), (Eco-Homes of Cambodia). Kep enjoys a mild maritime climate and the average temperature is around 25 ° (except the month of April). The eco-friendly pool (without chlorine) is only for the guests of the hotel. These accommodation are available for various budgets. All the houses are located at the top of a balmy hill, in landscaped gardens and with a lovely view over the gulf of Siam. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, as well as access to facilities such as a mini bar, tea boiler and hot water in the bathrooms (to see larger photos of the accommodation, click over each picture above). All our houses have solar energy since 2011. An eco-friendly swimming pool (without chlorine) is only available for the guests of hotel.
The surrounding area is safe and we provide a 24 hour front desk. Daily housekeeping is included in the room rate. 

The Guesthouse was the setting for some scenes of the movie "Holy Lola" by French filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier, starring Isabelle Carré and Jacques Gamblin.

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